I used the Quick Create option in the Hyper-v Manager to create an Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop. I thought I was creating a disk that was 127 gigabyte in size, but it had a maximum size of less than 12 gigabyte.

I shut down the virtual machine and deleted the checkpoint so that only Now remained. After the checkpoint was deleted Now disappeared and the Hyper-v Manager showed no checkpoints.

I then went into settings, found the virtual hard drive, and edited it. I resized it to 64 gigabytes. All that was easy and went well.

I started my VM and found that I still only had a little more than 11 gigabyte of hard drive available. To fix this I tried to start gparted but it did not exist so I had to install it by following the instructions given to me at the command line:

sudo apt install gparted

I then started gparted by typing that word at the command line. I selected the disk I wanted to resize, used my mouse to resize it, and clicked the green check mark to save my work. After that I had 64 available on my hard drive.