The goal of this assignment is to learn how to get the React code to talk to the jQuery code.

We have:

  • EC6 React code in source
  • EC5 jQuery code in public/javascripts

The React and jQuery event models are very different. How can we get them to talk to one another?

Pub Sub

PubSub stands for Publish-Subscribe. A canonical implementation in JavaScript looks like this:

 * jQuery Tiny Pub/Sub
 * https://github.com/cowboy/jquery-tiny-pubsub
 * Copyright (c) 2013 "Cowboy" Ben Alman
 * Licensed under the MIT license.

(function($) {

  var o = $({});

  $.subscribe = function() {
    o.on.apply(o, arguments);

  $.unsubscribe = function() {
    o.off.apply(o, arguments);

  $.publish = function() {
    o.trigger.apply(o, arguments);


Save this file as public/javascripts/tools/tiny-pub-sub.js

Again, I will not expect you to understand RequireJs at this point in the quarter. Instead, I will simply give you the updated main.js, which now includes code to load our tiny-pub-sub code:

    baseUrl: '.',
    paths: {
        jquery: 'components/jquery/dist/jquery',
        bootstrap: 'components/bootstrap/dist/js/bootstrap',
        control: 'javascripts/control',
        elfLog: 'components/elven-tools/elf-log',
        makeHtml: 'javascripts/make-html/make-html',
        walking: 'javascripts/make-html/walking',
        makeImage: 'javascripts/make-image/make-image',
        imagePicker: 'javascripts/make-image/image-picker',
        display: 'javascripts/tools/display',
        settings: 'javascripts/tools/settings',
        utilities: 'javascripts/tools/utilities',
        reactBundle: 'javascripts/bundle',
        tinyPubSub: 'javascripts/tools/tiny-pub-sub'
    shim : {
        "tinyPubSub" : {
            deps : [ "jquery" ],
            exports : "tinyPubSub"

requirejs(['jquery'], function($) {
    'use strict';
    requirejs(['bootstrap', 'control', 'reactBundle', 'tinyPubSub'], function(bootstrap, control) {
        $('.navbar-nav li.trigger-collapse a').click(function(event) {

We have to shim in tiny-pub-sub because it was not designed to be compatible with RequireJs.

NOTE: RequireJs is – very, very slowly – being replaced with technologies such as ES6 import/export as well as webpack.


Now that we have tiny-pub-sub loaded, we can begin to use it. The idea is simple:

  • When the user clicks a button in our React component then a message is published to that effect.
  • The jQuery code can listen (subscribe) for these tiny-pub-sub events.

In particular, we will respond to clicks on the make-html button by publishing an event. On the jQuery end, we will listen for this event and load the makeHtml page when so instructed.

Here is how we can modify our code in public/javascripts/control.js to subscribe to events:

function SiteConfig() {
  $.subscribe('clientMakeHtml', makeHtml.init);


Here is how to trigger the event in HomeButton.js:


makeHtml() {
    $.publish('clientMakeHtml', {
        message : "The user wants to makeHtml."

render() {
  return <MuiThemeProvider>
            <h1>Home Page</h1>

            // CODE OMITTED HERE

Turn it in

You will need to add code very similar to that shown here that displays the makeImage page. Just follow the pattern already established, but send and respond to clientMakeImage messages. When you are done, both of the new React buttons should work.

Push your code and tell me:

  • Repository URL
  • Branch
  • Folder


When you move to the second page, the code attaches to a DIV on index.js called #pageLoad. You don’t want to delete that node.