I grew quite befuddled at the end of class today (Wed Oct 4, 2017) over what turned out to be a simple issue. The isit-site-tools repo is hopefully in reasonably good shape, but there was one change I should have made. The start script from package.json looked like this:

"start": "node test.js"

It should have looked like this:

"start": "node MarkdownToHtmlTest.js",

If you update your code to get the change, then the scripts section of your package.json for your fork of my repo should look like this:

"scripts": {
    "start": "node MarkdownToHtmlTest.js",
    "test": "nodemon jasmine-runner.js",
    "demoImages": "node MakeImagesTest.js",
    "demoDebugImages": "node --inspect-brk MakeImagesTest.js",
    "demoImagesBasics": "DEBUG=elflog:basics node MakeImagesTest.js",
    "demoImagesA": "DEBUG=elflog node MakeImagesTest.js",
    "demoMarkdown": "node MarkdownToHtmlTest",
    "infoLog": "ELFNAME=elf-all ELF_NAME_LEVEL=5 node MakeImagesTest.js"

Here is the diff for the change I made the repository your forked your code from:

One simple way to fix the problem is to simply edit the your copy package.json. But if you want to pull the changes from my original repo into your code, then refresh the origainal assignment (F5) and follow these instructions that I just added to our assignment.

Next Step

After making this change, run npm start. You will get an error that begins like this:

$ npm start

> isit-site-tools@1.0.0 start /home/charlie/Git/isit-calvert-2017/isit-site-tools-calvertbc
> node MarkdownToHtmlTest.js

    throw err;

Error: Cannot find module 'isit-code-calvert'

The problem, of course, is that my version of isit-site-tools is looking for my isit-code-calvert package. But I have set things up so this search will fail. You need to install your version of the library from the root your forked version of my library. Your library will have a name something like this:

  • isit-site-tools-lastname:
npm install isit-code-lastname

Then you need to change the places in my code that load my version of the library.