Our goal is to clean up .bowerrc. A number of students have .bowerrc files that reference a directory called components. It should be bower_components.

In .gitignore, .prettierignore and .eslintignore and probably elsewhere we specifically talk about bower_components. Your .bowerrc must reference that directory.

The Script

I’ve put together a hasty script to help you check for faulty .bowerrc files. It looks like this:

To get the script, go to JsObjects and run git-pull-and-set-symbolic-links:

git pull

You can skip the second step if have pulled recently.

Run the Script

Here is a typical run from the root of a repository:

$ bower-components
Here are all the .bowerrc files found:

This is what what we want to see. All .bowerrc should be in this list:
./week03-rest-basics/Micros/qux/.bowerrc:  "directory": "public/bower_components"
./week03-rest-basics/server/.bowerrc:  "directory": "public/bower_components"
./week03-concurrently/server/.bowerrc:  "directory": "public/bower_components"

Items appearing below here are errors, it should be an empty list.
./week03-rest-basics/Micros/git-gist/.bowerrc:  "directory": "public/components"
./week03-rest-basics/Micros/git-user/.bowerrc:  "directory": "public/components"

The script first finds all the .bowerrc files and lists them. Then it finds those it thinks are correct. Then it finds those it thinks are incorrect.

Find Bad Folders

Go to the root of your repository and search for folders called components using our FindNp script:

$ FindNp "components"

In some cases we want to keep the folder, since it might contains good code. But if you find any folders that obviously contain code generated by running bower install, then you should you should be sure they are not being checked in.

Use git rm -r components or some similar command to ensure that you are not checking in any components folder that may have been created by bower.

I don’t want to get too obsessive, but this should, at least in theory, but run in every branch. Do what you think will work to ensure I don’t see any components folders when grading your work. For instance, it would not be good to have a components folder in your midterm or final.

Turn it in

Fix the broken .bowerrc files.