Add ESLint and Prettier to your AddressShow, AddressNative and AddressMaterial assignments.

Details for completing these tasks are in the ESLint assignment.

See also React Props Eslint

See also React EsLint

Turn it in

I’m expecting to find the following files in your AddressShow, AddressNative and AddressMaterial project folders:

  • .eslintrc.json (or .eslintrc)
  • .eslintignore
  • prettier
  • .prettierrc

When I run ./prettier I’m expecting to see that no changes happened to your files. That is, git status still comes back with no changes after running prettier.

NOTE: Before you turn in an assignment, run prettier. Now push. Then again run prettier and this time follow it with git status. Git should report that no changes happened to your files when you ran prettier. Repeat as necessary until git status comes back clean after you push and run prettier.

We should also be able to run the ESLint command followed by a space and a period without errors or warnings. In particular, the command looks like this:

$ eslint .

For instance, this is not good:

$ eslint .

  6:25  error  'Route' is defined but never used  no-unused-vars

✖ 1 problem (1 error, 0 warnings)

This is what we want to see:

$ eslint .

The point is that we see nothing: no errors, no warnings, no output at all when we run eslint.

Both AddressShow and AddressMaterial should pass all these tests. You can assume that all future projects should pass these tests, especially the ReactAddressMenu, AddressNative, Midterm and the Final.