I’m no longer using js-beautify but I’ll keep this text in case I ever need it.

Beautify Files

I’m moving from js-beautify to [prettier][pret], but don’t quite want to delete this section yet. Use prettier instead of js-beautify because it handles JSX much better.

Before we had prettier, we used js-beautify, but not on all files in a directory. Create a script called beauty with this content:

#! /bin/bash

find . -iname '*.js' | grep -vFf skip | xargs js-beautify -r

In the above code, skip is a text file containing a list of files or directories that you want to ignore. For instance the file might contain a list like this:


Both beauty and skip might go in the root of a project or the root of your repository.

Alternatively, you could do this:

find . -iname *.js -type f -not -path '**/node_modules/**' -not -path '**/bundle.js' -not -path '**/registerServiceWorker.js' -print0 | xargs -0 js-beautify -r