Gist Lister Refine

This assignment is about the GistLister component that displays. This component is designed to display the results of a call to the Git Hub Api called listGists.

Normalize Names

When we use map to create the array that we want to send back to our app we should normalize the names. Before, we were sending back properties with names like html_url. This does not follow the proper JavaScript naming conventions for properties. We should call it htmlUrl rather than html_url. (This is also an argument for htmlURL, but that is not my convention.) Here is the way our code ought to look with the key (property name) in the left and the value from our API call on the right:

'htmlUrl': item.html_url,

Go into routes/gitapi/gists.js and make the appropriate changes for any applicable property. For instance, another property name that needs to be changed is git_pull_url. This will probably break code in both our tests and in program.

Retrieve Additional Properties

While you have gists.js open, why don’t add two new properties from the owner object that we get back from GitHub. I was thinking that the login name and avatar_url might be useful:

"owner": {
     "login": "octocat",
     "id": 1,
     "avatar_url": "",

I’ll leave it up to you to determine how to retrieve these properties.

Set State

Our rule is that we only set state in DataMaven. However, it is arguable okay to set state in display component such as GistLister if we

We need to track the index of the list of gists so that we can iterate through them with prev and next buttons.

Button Disabled

Consider this button:

  disabled={this.props.gistCanIterate}>Get Gists

It is enabled or disabled depending on one of the props that is passed to it. Suppose you have three buttons:

  • Get Gists
  • Next Gist
  • Prev Gist

Until the we first retrieve the gists, Get Gists should be enabled and the other two disabled. After we retrieve the gists, the situation is reversed. This means that fetchGistList has to set the value of gistCanIterate after it loads gist, and the buttons have to respond accordingly. In other words, some buttons are enabled if gistCanIterate is true, and others are disabled in that case.

Conditional Rendering

We can decide to render poritions of a component only after certain conditions are met. For instance, we might not want to render the list of gists until the list is larger than zero, or larger than one or until gistCanIterate is true. The following syntax can help us in such cases:

{this.props.gistLister.length > 1 &&
        <li className='gistLister'>Current Index: {this.state.index + 1}
            / {this.props.gistLister.length}</li>
        <li className='gistLister'>{this.props.gistLister[this.state.index].description}</li>
        <li className='gistLister'><a href={gl[this.state.index].htmlUrl}
                                      target='_blank'> {gl[0].htmlUrl}</a></li>
        <li className='gistLister'>{this.props.gistLister[this.state.index].gitPullUrl}</li>
        <li className='gistLister'>{this.props.gistLister[this.state.index].id}</li>
        <li className='gistLister'>{this.props.gistLister[this.state.index].login}</li>

The code shown here will render only if the length of gistLister is larger than one.

Read the official docs on Conditional Rendering

List Styles

Our current menu is being changed. Nevertheless, there is an issue related to it that we need to attend to.

Most of you have styled your menu items. Be sure that you limit these styles so that they do not touch all the UL and LI items in your program: {
    background-color: #8a6d3b;
    list-style-type: none;
    margin: 0;
    overflow: hidden;
    padding: 0;
} {
    float: left;
} a {
    color: white;
    display: block;
    padding: 5px 15px;
    text-align: center;
    text-decoration: none;
}  a:hover {
    background-color: #985f0d;

And then in ElfHeader:

<ul className='menu'>
    <li className='menu'><Link to='/'>Home</Link></li>
    // ETC....

Turn it in

Add, commit, push, branch, tag. Use the words react-bootstrap in your messages.

I will grade this assignment in tandem with ReactBootstrap. You should create a single commit that has the solution to both assignments. You can turn the assignments in one at a time, but when you have completed both assignments, add a note saying that you are done.