The final for isit320 in 2019.

Put your code in a branch called final in a directory called final-lastname.


Load your docker containers on AWS and send me a link to your working code.

I don’t care how you get running. If necessary, pull your latest code to AWS. Then build. Then send me a link to your running code. In other words, you don’t have to use Docker Hub.


Do the Git Ignore Puppeteer assignment. I’m expecting to find the code for that assignment in a directory called week11-puppeteer. I would prefer that it run against your AWS code so I don’t have to do the builds, but I’ll probably take anything.

Turn it in

Give me a link to your working code on AWS.

Give me branch and directory and tag, even if you are using the defaults.

  • Link to AWS running code
  • Branch
  • Puppeteer directory
  • Final Code Directory
  • tag if you think it might be helpful.

Don’t work too hard on this. Focus on your other courses. What I’m looking for is evidence that you came to class, turned in assignments more or less on time, and that you learned something.

If you don’t have everything working, don’t panic. Just turn in what you have. If you have been working hard all quarter and show that you learned something significant, then I will be happy. If you are trying to turn all the assignments and solve the final all during the last week, then it would be best if your code works. If you have been turning in code regularly and shown that you are working hard, then I won’t care as much that it all works so long as you show evidence you learned something.