For Later

Don’t do the sections from here down at this time.


Put the code you want in your public directory. In other words, configure MakeHtml to put your HTML in the ~/Source/public/firebase directory. Do this by changing the config/ElvenConfig.json file:

  "calvert": {
    "base-dir": "/home/bcuser/",
    "bootswatch": "cosmo",
    "site-dirs": [
    "destination-dirs": [
      "/home/bcuser/Source/firebase/public/",  <==== HERE

Note that we have added our firebase directory to the destination-dirs section of the JSON file. It should be the first item.

If you do not already have an index.html file set up, copy public/master-list.html to public/index.html:

cd ~/Source/firebase/public
cp master-list.html index.html
cd ..

Copy JS, CSS and Images

Use the tools available, or modify them as necessary, to copy your CSS, JS and Images folders from the ApacheHelpers directory to your firebase/public directory.

You should follow a few bsaics steps to make sure all the proper files are being loaded. In Chrome, press F12 to open the Developer Tools. Switch to the Network page. Refresh you page. If everything is set up correctly, there should be no red 404 errors for your GET statements. Instead, you should see 200 or 304 in the Status column.

Home Page

Don’t read this. Skip this section, it is out of date.

Get your home page here:

cp ~/Git/JsObjects/JavaScript/Syntax//JsonTable/public/favicon.png .

Make sure the file we copied down is called is called index.html and not index.html.1. If necessary, delete index.html and rename index.html.1 to index.html. Rename style.css to main.css.


Don’t read this. Skip this section, it is out of date.

The following files are no longer being used. Please ignore

Paste in the following at the bash prompt of the public directory for your project:


The wget command pulls files from the cloud using HTTP.

Open up elven-fire-login.js and paste in your configuration code in the elfConfigure method.