Types of Cloud Applications

  • Web
  • Technical Computing
  • Devices
  • Social Gaming
  • Social Apps

Images: Blob Storage

  • Data: Table Storage
  • Data: SQL Azure

Scaling: App Fabric Cache

Authentication: ACS (Do this last so you don’t have to fuss with it during development.

Key Issues

Here are some issues that are commonly encountered by developers.


  • Create your own
  • Open ID


Begin with an inventory

Entry point:

  • Let’s take this web application and put it into the cloud.
  • Some kinds of SaaS, a simple app
  • IT applications are siloed, but in the cloud applications can talk to one another
  • IT was about taking care of the technology
    • Now we are concerned with managing technology
    • In the nineties, we had people thinking that PCs would replace IT
    • But in the end, companies still need experts, but a different kind of expert.
  • We need to be organized not around the technology, but around the services we provide


Don’t react to problems, first create a plan and then implement it. Virtualization and the cloud won’t solve a lot of problems.

  • Inventory your services.
  • Find places where you can succeed
  • Start small
  • Examine how things we run on the cloud versus run on a virtual machine or private cloud.
  • Ultimately the cloud is just a computer in a new place


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