Code Academy Part II

Bring React Part 1 to at least 50%.

When you are done, submit a screen shot of your progress. If you jumped ahead, and completed 100% of a Skill, then submit a link to your Code Academy profile page, like this:

Please note: You must link to your profile page. Don’t just link to some random page on CodeAcademy. The assignment can be graded only if you turn in a link to your profile page!

In July, 2014 CodeAcademy changed their profile pages so that I will not be able to see your progress through a particular skill by looking at your profile page. Their change made it so that I can see only your completed skills. If you have not yet completed a particular skill by finishing 100% of the questions, can you please submit a screen shot of the skills you have completed. It will probably look something like this:

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NOTE: You can see an icon or a picture of yourself in the upper right hand corner of the Code Academy site. Click that picture, there you will find a way to get your profile page.