Install markdown-preview-enhanced:

  • Open Settings:
    • Shortcut: Ctrl+, (Control plus comma)
    • Menu **Edit Preferences**
  • In Settings
    • Select **Install Packages**
    • Type markdown-preview-enhanced
    • Press enter and Install


After you install a package you can see its settings immediately, and then later from Packages menu in the Settings (Ctrl+,) view.

There are many options. One is called Preview Theme. Set it to night and take a screenshot.

Run an Atom Command

Press Ctrl+p and type preview. Select the markdown-preview-enhanced option to toggle the preview mode.

There are many commands in Atom, one of the ways to find them is with this Ctrl+p shortcut. Also see the Keybindings in Settings.

Turn it in

Install markdown-preview-enhanced.

Turn to the Packages page in Settings.

  • Search for markdown-preview-enhanced. When you find it, take a screenshot.
  • Look for the Preview Theme in Settings. Set it to night.css. Take a screenshot showing your settings.
  • Open up a markdown file of your choice. Make sure the preview screen is showing (Ctrl+Shift+M). Take a screenshot.