Get DataHunter and DataMaster working on EC2. Run:

  • DataHunter on 30025
  • DataMaster on 30026

Install Couch

We will run CouchDb on the same EC2 instance where we run our applications.

We may need to open up port 5984

Test Your Work

Pick a version of the game that does not use the database. For instance, three-floor. Get it up and running.

Once you have that working, then stop it, and if you used systemd disable it, and try to get DataHunter and DataMaster working on EC2.

Turn it in

The main goal of this assignment is to give you a practice session for the final. Therefore I’m most concerned that you simply have working code in your repository. However, getting a chance to start working on the systemd part of the final is not necessarily beyond the scope of this assignment. Therefore you:

  • Must check in your working and tested code in your repository
  • Might also want to give me URLs to your programs running under systemd on EC2 so that we can check that out before the final is due.