#EC2 Cloud Only

Create an EC2 instance on AWS. Connect to it with SSH using only cloud based tools. The key to this assignment is carefully following the video I created, which shows more or less exactly what you need to do. I’ve also got some documentation for this subject on Elvenware. Some of the documentation may be slightly out of date, but much of it is likely to prove helpful. The video, however, was made recently, in October, 2014, and should be up to date.

Watch the video and read the details.



When using Secure Shell, load both a public and private key and make sure the private key does not have an extension.

Turn it in

Create the following screenshots:

  • Your instances page from the AWS Console
  • The Elastic IP page from AWS.
  • Your work creating the public key from the private key in CodeAnywhere.
  • Your configuration in Secure Shell
  • Your connection from Secure Shell to your EC2 instance.

In general, your goal is to document, with screen shots, the work that you did creating and setting up your EC2 instance.