StackEdit and DropBox

At least a rough outline of this assignment is now complete. I may fill in a few more details of this assignment later.


Complete the following steps:

  • If you have not done so already, create a DropBox account.
  • Using the tools in StackEdit, save the document you created in the StackGoogle assignment to DropBox.
  • Install DropBox on Linux


There are several different ways to install DropBox on Linux. Some of the simplest, and safest, are outlined here:

After installing Dropbox, prepare a screenshot like the one shown below.

DropBox Folder

The image shown above depicts a listing (ls -la) of the $HOME/.dropbox folder. I want you to take a similar screenshot, but of the .dropbox-dist folder. Here is how to get the listing I want to see:

ls -la $HOME/.dropbox-dist

Looking at the image shown above, you can see the dropbox icon near the bottom right:

DropBox Folder

Make sure this icon is visible in your screenshot.

Save Your File to Dropbox

In your Dropbox folder on Linux, create a sub-folder called StackEdit. This is where you will place documents that you create in StackEdit.

In StackEdit, choose the pound sign icon on the far left. In the Synchronize section, choose **Synchronize Dropbox Export to Dropbox**. A dialog like the one shown below appears.

DropBox Folder

Choose to save you file in your StackEdit folder as, where LastName is your last name. Use a graphical file browser such PCManFM to view your StackEdit folder. In Lubuntu, you can access this tool from Start | Accessories | File Manager PCManFM. Take a screenshot of your StackEdit folder. It should look a bit like the one shown below.

DropBox Folder

Turn It In

Submit the various screensheets you created following the instructions outlined above.

Written with StackEdit.