Create a project with two modules, one called Calculate.js and one called CalculateUi.js. In CalculateUi define at least three methods:

  • add
  • multiply
  • subtract

Place three buttons on your HTML file, Add two input controls and a paragraph element. The first input control should have a default value of 3, or some other integer. The second should have a default value of 2, or some other integer. When the user clicks the first button, add is called, etc.

The add method first gathers the user input. It should then publish a request for an object that can add the two numbers. It should pass both numbers in the request. It should also provide a means for any subscriber to send back an answer.

Create a second module that subscribes to the published messages from the add, multiple and subtract methods. The second module should include at least three methods that can add etc. They should return an appropriate value to the publisher in response to clicks on the buttons.

The only link between the two modules will be the publish subscribe methods. Create the two modules in the document ready method:

$(document).ready(function() { // Create publisher // Create subscriber }

When you are done, use Git to submit your work in a folder called Week09PubSub.