The Prog 270 Midterm Prep helps you work on the Prisitine Lubuntu side of your midterm. A summary of this assignment might read like this: Do the midterm except for the parts on EC2. In particular:

  • Create one or more partial or complete midterm pages in ~/Documents/AllTest
  • Create or save your images in /var/www/html/images
  • Run MakeHtml
  • Run on LocalHost and confirm that your site looks right.
  • Copy your latest AllTest files to your repository and push.



Include three screen shots

  • Your Home Page running on Local Host.
  • Two select pages with bitmaps running on Local Host.

Copy CSS, Js and Images

Put this script in the root folder of your repository. Run it to back back up your css, js, and image files to a folder in your repository called ApacheHelpers.

#! /bin/bash

# Declare destination dir for AllTest in
# one place so it is easy to modify

# Declare destination for CSS, JavaScript and Images

# Copy AllTest
cp -r ~/Documents/AllTest $REPO/

# Ensure destination dir exists for CSS, JS and Images
mkdir -p $CSS_JS_IMAGE
# Copy CSS, JavaScript and Images
cp -r /var/www/html/css $CSS_JS_IMAGE/.
cp -r /var/www/html/images $CSS_JS_IMAGE/.
cp -r /var/www/html/js $CSS_JS_IMAGE/.
cp /var/www/html/clean $CSS_JS_IMAGE/.


When testing your code, you want to make sure you are not relying on any files already sitting in /var/www/html. This script deletes all the HTML files and folders from /var/www/html. It also creates a zip folder containing the most recent contents of your js, css and images folders. Save the code as /var/www/html/clean. Make it executable with chmod +x clean, then run the script as needed.

NOTE: Where I write <LIST ANY OTHER FILES/FOLDERS> you should do exactly that, and of course you have to then remove the text in angle brackets.

#! /bin/bash

rm -r MoreFiles Assignments <LIST ANY OTHER FOLDERS>
rm apache-helpers.zip
zip -r apache-helpers css/ js/ images/

Copy from Repository to Documents AllTest

From the root of your repository, issue this command.

cp -rv AllTest/ ~/Documents/.

Copy RenewMakeHtml

cp ~/Git/JsObjects/JavaScript/NodeCode/MakeHtml/renewMakeHtml .

Then run renewMakeHtml.

cd ~/Source
cd MakeHtml

After doing this on EC2 don’t forget to open up config/ElvenConfig.json in nano and change the path from bcuser to ubuntu:

nano config/ElvenConfig.json

Then change it like this:

  "calvert": {
    "base-dir": "/home/ubuntu/",
    "site-dirs": [
    "destination-dirs": [

Turn it in

Push your repository. Attach the three bitmaps you created to the assignment.

Big Picture

Create Site Activies