The Old Google Sites

Google Sites has been radically rewritten. For this assignment, create a new Google Site, as outlined above. But if you want to create an old style site for your personal use, then you can click the create button on this page:

Then follow these steps:

  • Use the blank template (the default)
  • Name your site. You will be able to edit the name later. (If you need an idea, use firstnamelastnamebc. For instance: charliecalvertbc.
  • Create the last word of the URL for your site. Choose a single word using alphanumeric characters. It helps to create a URL that is easy to remember and type. I used elvenware.
  • Choose a theme. This is your choice and can be changed later.
  • Open up More Options, give your site a description and choose to share it with everyone.
  • Enter the captcha.
  • Click Create Site
After creating the site choose **Manage Site General Mobile Automatically adjust site to mobile phones**.
If things go completely awry, you will be able to delete the site and start again. In that case, choose **More Actions Manage Site Delete Site**.

Hints on the Old Google Sites

Google Sites has changed a great deal since I first wrote this assignment. As mentioned above, I now use it primarily as a means of sharing content I create on Google Drive. But should you want to include a custom HTML page in your site, completing the following steps might still work:

  • Use Atom and MakeHtml, or StackEdit, or some other set of tools, to convert your markdown to HTML.
    • StackEdit: (# menu Export to Disk As markdown).
  • Open the HTML in a text editor such as Geany, NotePad++, CodeAnywhere, nano or Visual Studio. (Wordpad might also work.)
  • Block Copy the HTML to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).
  • Open Your Google Site page. Go into edit mode.
  • Click the little HTML symbol on the top of the page at the right.
  • Delete any and all HTML shown in the HTML editor.
  • Paste in your HTML (Ctrl-V).
  • Save your work.