Online Presence Part III

This is the third part of the Online Presence Assignment. Please review the open sections of the first part of this assignment. They contain important information about the steps you need to take to complete this assignment.

Microsoft OneDrive

If you don’t have one already, go to Microsoft’s Live website and Create an account.

You should then sign in to Live and go to your OneDrive. Just as you did in Google Drive, use OneDrive to create a folder with the same naming convention you used in the Google Section. In particular, name the folder Prog270-LastName-2017, where the year can be adjusted to match the current year, LastName is your name and Prog270 is the name of the course you are taking. For instance, my folder might be named Prog270-Calvert-2017, Isit320-Calvert-2017, Prog272-Calvert-2017, Prog219-Calvert-2017, Isit322-Calvert-2017, and so on, depending on the course you are currently taking. On both Google Drive and OneDrive you can rename a folder you have shared if necessary. You don’t have to share it again. Just rename it.

Share the folder with me, using my Live ID for Bellevue College work:


NOTE: Though they can easily be confused, the hotmail address shown above is not the same as the gmail address used in other sections of this document. In some of my courses confusing them can cost you points in multiple assignments including the midterm and the final. Because the mistake can be propagated across so many parts of the course, it can easily move your grade down a whole letter. For instance, it can change your final grade from an A to a B, or from a B to a C.

Put the same document in it that you put in the Google Drive folder.

To learn more about sharing documents, watch this video:

Microsoft OneNote

Also create a note with Microsoft One Note. OneNote is part of OneDrive. Share it with me, just as you did your OneDrive document. In particular, put it in the same OneDrive folder where you placed your other Microsoft related documents. Double check to make sure you are sharing the folder with the Microsoft email specified in the section on OneDrive.

When you are done, there should be two documents in OneDrive folder:

  • A Word online document similar to the document you created in Google Drive
  • A OneNote document as described in this section.

Don’t forget, if you have trouble, join the discussion group and ask for help! Don’t spin your wheels!


To create a OneNote document, select the menu-item/toolbar icon entitled New.

Why not Just Use Google for Everything?

Google does a great job with their online tools, and most other products are playing catch up. However, there are a huge number of tools out there. Just doing a search on note taking tools for the cloud, I get links to articles on the “12 Best Note Taking Apps” and “7 Cloud Based note-taking apps”. The cloud is huge place, with lots of interesting solutions to many different problems.

We all did the “Microsoft solves all my problems, so I’ll use only Microsoft tools” solution to computing. That didn’t work out well for either us or Microsoft. Google is an amazing company, but it is important we don’t make the same mistake with them.

I think we should both:

  • Learn exactly how Google tools are better or worse than other, similar solutions so we can learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. To do that, we have to try the other tools.
  • Learn to overcome common problems so that we can take advantage of smaller companies’ tools that may have special values not immediately apparent. For instance, Evernote may be a bit clumsy on a desktop browser, but I find their tool is great on an Android phone. Also, it is very common for online sites to send us verification emails. At first, that step may seem odd or intrusive. But I have learned the importance of following up on that kind of request from a cloud based company. For me, the best way to learn is by experience, and I’m trying to give you experience.

Account Creation

I provide a certain amount of guidance on creating accounts. If you need more information, please use the discussion area to ask questions, or refer to this Elvenware document.

Turn it in

I want to see:

  • A shared folder
  • Two documents in the folder.
    • A Word Document
    • A One Note Document

If you share a folder on OneDrive, then the contents of the folder should also be automatically shared. Be sure to put both the Word Document and the One Note document in that shared folder.

Various Sections of this Document will help you complete this assignment: