In this class we use a variety free or inexpensive cloud services. This assignment is designed to help you use the these services in a safe, public spirited, manner.

Here is how to proceed:

  • Go to http://www.google.com and create a Google account if you don’t already have one.
  • In Google Drive (aka Google Docs) create a Google Folder and Document
  • Share the folder and document with me.
  • Set up a Gail account. (http://www.google.com/mail)
  • Create a New Google site (https://sites.google.com/new).

Useful Tips

In the past, some students resisted doing anything in the cloud. As a result, I added suggestions to this assignment designed to help students understand the online world. Since today’s students better understand the cloud I have moved these suggestions into a tips document. Some students, however, still might want to at least skim over them.


A number of years ago I created a video showing how to share documents on Google Drive. Parts of it are now outdated, but the process is still substantially the same, so I’ll continue to use it:

My Email

The email address to use when sharing your Google Drive is shown below. So that black hat snoopers can’t find my email too easily, I have translated it into plain English. It should, however, be a simple task for you to convert it into a normal email address:

  • charliecalvertbc at gmail dot com

The Basics

In this assignment we:

  • Create a document on Google Drive.
  • Place the document in in a folder you have shared with me.
  • Share both the folder and the document with the email account [described above][#my-email].
  • Be sure I have rights to edit this document, your folder and everything you submit for this course via Google Drive. In general, if you first share the folder with me, then everything you place in the folder should be shared with me automatically.

In your new folder, create a document called OnlinePresence-LastName, where LastName is your last name. It should contain the same information as found in the HTML document described below.

Folder names

This assignment involves creating folders on Google Drive, One Drive and Evernote. The name of your folder should contain three parts:

  • The class name
  • Your last name
  • The year

Here are example names for each of my classes, pick the appropriate name for this class:

  • Prog270-LastName-2017
  • Prog272-LastName-2017
  • Isit320-LastName-2017
  • Isit322-LastName-2017

Where I write LastName, please substitute your last name. For instance, if this class is Prog272, then I would create a folder called Prog272-Calvert-2017.

Here are some examples of improper folder names:

  • Prog270-LastName – > Year missing
  • Prog272 –> Year and last name missing
  • Isit320-2017 –> Last name missing
  • PROG270-CALVERT-2017 –> Capitalization (casing) wrong
  • PROG270_CALVERT-2015 –> Underscore rather than dash and case issues

If you get the casing or name wrong then I might not find your folder at all, and it will certainly cause me extra work to sort through long lists looking for your folder. I depend on folders being sorted properly. If you don’t name your folder properly then it most likely will not be sorted properly.

No one but you and me will ever see these folders. It is not a risk to use your name in their creation.

The Directory

I want you create and share a directory with a specific name as outlined above. The name should have the correct casing, and your should use a hypen, not an underscore.

To share the folder, do one of the following:

  • Right-click the folder, and choose share
  • Select the folder, and choose the Share icon near the top right of the screen

Or do something similar if you are working on mobile platform such as a phone or tablet.

The Google Document

In your folder, create a document called OnlinePresence-LastName, where LastName is your last name. Example: OnlinePresence-Calvert. For now, include at least the following in your document:

  1. The email for your Google account.
    • The URL for your Google Web Site(s)
    • The URL for any web site your maintain
    • The URL for your repository

Eventually, your document might include additional information in a hyperlinked list elements:

  1. The email for your Google account.
    • The URL for your Google Web Site(s)
    • The URL for your Twitter Account(s)
    • The email for your Microsoft Account. Also tell me if you own a copy of Microsoft Office.
    • The email for your Evernote account

In Figure One, I give an example of the type of document I want you to create. Your document will include more data and more links.


Figure 1: Here is the type of Google Docs file I want you to create. You do not need to use the same colors.


Figure 2: Sharing a document in Google Docs.

The dialog shown in Figure 2 was instantiated when I pushed the Share button seen in the background near the top right of the screen. It will be shared when I enter a valid email address and push the Send button. Think long and hard before you enter the email address. Is it the right address?

Google Site Creation

Besides creating a document in Google Drive, I also want you to create a Google Site. More specifically, I want you to create a New Google Site These sites are free. In my opinion they are not create places to create generic websites, but they are useful when you want to share content creating on with Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, etc.

After you have created your google account, it takes only a single click to begin creating a web site. Go this site:

Now follow these steps:

  • Click the red plus button to create a new site
  • Set your title to Prog270-LastName, or something similar, using your common sense to set the class name and your last name.
  • Create a simple Google Doc, Google Slide Deck and Google Sheet on Google Drive
    • Make them public: **Share Get a Shareable Link**
    • These can be very simple, I won’t be grading you on the content of the documents you create
    • These will be public documents found on your public Google Site, so don’t put any personal information in them.
    • Share your documents with everyone
  • On your Google Site, choose
    • **Insert Google Docs Docs** to insert your simple document
    • **Insert Google Docs Sheets** to insert your spread sheet
    • **Insert Google Docs Slides** to insert your slide deck

Click around some on my Google Site to get a feeling for what I want you to do:

Turn it In

The primary content of the assignment, such as the various folders and documents, will appear automatically in my Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Evernote accounts. Thus there is nothing you absolutely must turn in to canvas other than an acknowledgement that you have completed the assignment. To make the acknowledgement, simply press the submit button in Canvas! Having said this, you might also consider pasting the Online Presence document you put in your Google folder into the Text page of Canvas. On that page, I believe, links are live so that I can just click on them.

Though it may be in need of an update, see the following for more information on working with Google Drive:

What’s Ahead

This is the first part of a multi-part series of assignments. Here is a tentative list of what lies ahead:

  • Part 01: (Week02)
    • Google Folder
    • Google Doc
    • Google Site
  • Part 02: (Week03)
    • Twitter
    • Bitly
    • EverNote (Double check the email address!)
  • Part 03: (Week04)
    • Microsoft Folder (Double check that you are using a Microsoft email address!)
    • Microsoft Document (Double check that you are using a Microsoft email address!)
    • OneNote Document (Double check that you are using a Microsoft email address!)

Old Google Sites

If you are interested in the old Google Sites, some details are found here.