The goal of this assignment is to help you learn how to drive Google Maps from a JavaScript based application.

This description is a bit incomplete, but should give you enough information to get started. I will come back later and fill in more specifics.

Use this video as a guide to Google Maps and My Maps:

Google Maps and My Maps

Open up Google Maps on your desktop and save and save Marymoor Park to your places. Open up Your Places (**Gear Your Places) and take a screen shot showing Marymoor Park in **Your Places.

Open up My Maps and create a new map called Bellevue Parks. Add at least five parks in the Bellevue area to a lair called The Parks. Pick a uniform style for the parks and select an icon for all of the parks. That is, select a single icon, and apply it to all of the parks.

Create a new layer called “Trips.” Include at least two routes between parks, where the starting point (or ending point) for at least one of the walks is a custom marker that you created at some random spot not associated with an address.

Take a screen shot of the your parks, showing the custom icons. Take a screen shot of your route between the parks. (These can be combined into a single screen shot, so long as everything is clearly visible.

The other End

If you have an Android, install Google Maps and Google My Maps. Take a screen shot showing that your Marymoor Park marker (pin) made it into the Your Places section of Google Maps for the phone or tablet. You can reach “Your Places** from the Google Maps menu. It is the first item, right at the top.

In My Maps, open up your new Bellevue Parks map and create one or two screen shots showing your custom icons and at least one of your routes.

Create a Document

Go into StackEdit and create a short document showing your screen shots. There should be at least a few words introducing each screen shot, but it need not be long.

Save your documents as markdown and HTML. Push them both into Git in a folder called Week10_MapPlaces. You can use CodeAnywhere, Lubuntu on VirtualBox, or any other tool you want to get it into Git. All I care is that it is there.

Copy your document into /var/www/html on EC2 and provide a link to your document. Create a screen shot of it running on EC2 and push that one screen shot into Git. The other screen shots need not be in Git, so long as I can see them on your EC2 instance.

If you need to shrink any of the pictures you took, do this in your markdown:

<img width=XXXpx src="SOME URL">

Like this:

<img width=500px src="">

Turn it in

Submit the URL of your GIT repository and a link to your instance on EC2. The link should point directly at the document your created for this assignment.