User your shared Evernote folder to share a document with me that describes how to create an environment variable called ELF_TEMPLATES.

Step One

Sign into Evernote

Create a new note in the Evernote folder you shared with me.

  • Title: DosAlias Templates
  • Tags: bc, prog219, setup, dosalias
  • Content: Document the steps involved in creating the %ELF_TEMPLATES% environment variable.

When you are done, I want to be able to open up Evernote and see that you have:

  • Create the note
  • Titled and tagged it correctly
  • Enter a reasonably complete description of how to follow the steps for creating %ELF_TEMPLATES%

NOTE: I wish the name ELF_TEMPLATES were shorter. I’m not using TEMPLATES because it seems too generic, too likely to be used by some other program. I want to be sure the variable is unique.

Step Two

Open up %USERPROFILE%\Bin\DosAlias.bat in your editor of choice.

Be sure it contains the following lines near the top:

set ELF_TEMPLATES=%JSOBJECTS%\Utilities\Templates

Save your work. At the command line run dosalias.

Step Three

Check Your Work

At the command line type the following and confirm that it returns valid output.

echo %GITDIR%

Paste the output from the above commands into Evernote. For instance, on my system, the output from the last of the three commands looks like this:


This will likely look different on your system, but it should be clear what I want.

Turn it in

Press the submit button for your assignment. Include the name of your Evernote folder and the name of your document.