Elven Site Pix Picker

Copy Midterm

cp -r Week08-Midterm Week10-ElvenSitePixPicker

Don’t forget to rename the project when you open it in WebStorm.

Make sure you ~/.content/ElvenConfig.json contains the usual code plus the following, or something like it:

"elvenImages": {
  "baseDir": "/var/www/html",
  "markdownFileWithImages": "/home/bcuser/Documents/AllTest/california.md",
  "allImagesJsonFile": "all-images.json",
  "imageDir": "/images/california/",
  "notUsedDir": "/home/bcuser/temp/not-used/california"

Two Pages

The first step will be to create two pages:

  • One for creating a web site, MakeHtml style, as in the midterm
  • One for creating a page based on a set of pictures from your camera or some other source

Page One

Take everything beneath the block content in index.jade and put it in make-html.jade.

Replace the content you removed with the following:

    a.pageLink#pageOne Page One
    a.pageLink#pageTwo Page Two


Add some CSS to public/css/style.css to make the anchors a bit prettier. At minimum, do this:

.pageLink {
    margin: 5px;
    padding: 3px;
    border: black solid thin;
    -webkit-border-radius: 4px;
    border-radius: 4px;

Load the Pages

You will need code like this to load the pages:

function SiteConfig() {

function pageOne() {
    $('#pageLoad').load('/makeHtml', function() {

function pageTwo() {
    $('#pageLoad').load('/pixPicker', function() {

Server Side

Here are the methods found in routes/index.js for calling into the image code in elven-stite-tools.

router.get('/makeMarkdown', function(request, response) {
    console.log('makeMarkdown route called');
    var makeMarkdown = new imageHelp.MakeMarkdown();

    makeMarkdown.loadAndRun(function(report) {
        if (report.spacesInFileNames) {
            console.log('You have spaces in one or more file names.');
            console.log('The problem is probably in your images directory.');
            console.log('FileNames or Directories with spaces in their ');
            console.log('names is not a good idea. Run this command in ');
            console.log('the offending directory and then restart:');
            console.log('find -name "* *" -type f | rename "s/ /_/g"');
            response.send({ error: 'spaces in file name' });
        } else if (report.markdownFileExists) {
            response.send({ error: 'Markdown file exists: ' + report.markdownFileWithImages });
        } else {
                'success': 'makeMarkdown',
                'report': report

router.get('/deleteMarkdown', function(request, response) {
    var makeMarkdown = new imageHelp.MakeMarkdown();
    makeMarkdown.deleteMarkdownFileWithImages(function(result) {
        response.send({ 'result': 'file deleted'});

On the client side, these are simple button clicks, with no parameters (requestQuery) being passed.

Nodemon Warning

There is one catch here. Since all-images.json gets rewritten, you have to tell nodemon to ignore that file or it will keep restarting your application.

Save the following as nodemon.json in the root of your project:

  "verbose": false,
  "ignore": ["all-images.json"]

Turn it in

Tell me the project and branch.