This assignment is similar to ElfLogNpm and ElfLogBower. Make sure you are using your own packages for both NPM and Bower. Instead of buttons, put three checkboxes and three radio buttons. Messages should appear on both the client and server side as you click the checkboxes and radio buttons.


When working in the server side, here is how I export the elf-log in index.js:

exports.elfLog = elfLog;

You should not need to recreate or alter your NPM and Bower packages, just use the one’s you created for previous assignments. The point of this assignment is to:

  • Give you more practice with developing and using your own npm and bower packages.
  • Ensure you are using your packages and not mine.
  • To see log output on both the client and server sides.

Turn it in

Put your work in Week08-ElfLogNpmBower and push your repository.