Students enrolled in our class by the first day are added to the ELMS system. Newly registered students are not automatically added to the system. After the 1st day, when a new student is added to our roster, I need to take special actions to get them set up properly. Please send me email if you feel you are not properly registered.

The web site for DreamSpark appears to be part of the Library Media Center (LMC):

“How to Check out Software” details the step by step directions (PDF format) and guidelines on the procedure to obtain the software using ELMS. To check out the media from the Library, they still need to log into ELMS, order their software, print out their receipt and take it to the library.

FAQ: Students will be imported into the system using their BC student email address. In the process of adding student email addresses to ELMS, an email (from Bellevue College DreamSpark) is auto-generated to each student stating directions on how to complete their registration. Each email will have a unique link to the registration website Students should look for that email.

FAQ: If the student is eligible for Bellevue College DreamSpark and has not received this email after the 5th day of the quarter, the student can find online help at:

Students are restricted in the number of downloads for the software needed in our class and if students download/check out software other than what is required in your course, they may not get assistance from Bellevue College student support. Students are allowed to check out media from the library throughout the quarter except during finals week.

Reminder: The DreamSpark program licensing is limited to a single installation per software title per student. The student may re-install on the same computer any number of times, but not on multiple machines.