The main goal of Browser Security assignment is to make sure you understand how much control you have over your browser and your Google account. Most folks can just use the default settings. However, if you want more control, you have it. Some of these settings I use all the time.

If the browser is the platform, then we need to know how to configure that platform. I spent as much time in the browser as I do in my OS and other apps, so I ought to know it.

The screen shots for this assignment can be taken in Windows, in VirtualBox, on the Mac, or on a mobile device. It’s up to you. Note also that I don’t ask you to take screen shots of everything, just of the following:

  1. Clear cache in both browsers
    • Incognito on Firefox
    • Google Sync Settings
    • Firefox Privacy Settings
    • Google Account Page
    • Google Storage
    • Google Extensions

Clear the Cache

In Google:

  • Shortcut: Ctrl-Shift + Del
    • Also Ctrl-H
    • Hamburger Menu (Alt+F or Alt+E) Settings Advanced also gets you there
  • Check: Cached Images and Files only
  • Clear browsing data from the beginning of time
  • Open the Developer Tools. Click and hold on the Refresh button.

In Firefox

  • Shortcut: Ctrl-Shift + Del
  • Hamburger Menu History Clear Recent History
    • Cache and Everything

Screenshot: Take a screen shot or shots of you clearing the cache in both browsers.

Incognito Mode

In Incognito mode, your browser will not send as much information about you to advertisers as you browse the web. This doesn’t mean the site won’t know you are there, only that no record will be kept by your browser.


  • Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Hamburger New Incognito Window


  • Ctrl+Shift+P
  • Hamburger New Private Window

Screenshot: Take a screenshot of Incognito in Firefox.

Sync Settings



Screenshot: Take a screenshot of Google Sync Settings.

Privacy Setiings

Google Browser

  • Hamburger Menu (Alt+F, Alt+E, F10 + Enter) Advanced Settings Privacy
    • Note the Content Settings Button

Google Account


  • <about:preferences#privacy>
  • Hamburger Menu Preferences Privacy

Screenshot: Take a screenshot of Firefox privacy settings. Screenshot: Take a screenshot of Google Account page.

Free Online Storage


Screenshot: Take a screenshot of Google Storage options.

Total Storage

Image: Hover your mouse of the yellow and white circle to see your storage.

Addins and Extensions

Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the Google extensions page.


  • <chrome://extensions/>


If there are no extensions, apps or themes installed in Chrome, then I please install at least one. For instance, go to the Google Store, select Apps, and search on the string Google Docs. Install the Google Docs app and then take a screenshot of your extensions page, which should now include that app. Here is a link which should lead directly to the Web Store and highlight the Apps search:

I find the terminology confusing, or at least non-intuitive. It appears that apps, extensions, and themes can all be thought of as Chrome “extensions”. You can read about this in more detail here:

Turn it in

Remember to attach your screenshots directly to the assignment. No Word documents, no Zip files! If you want to add some text, use the comment area.