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Google Plugin for Eclipse

This is entirely optional, but some people may be interested in the collection of Eclipse Plugins from Google. These plugins add new features to Eclipse that can enhance cloud development. They are not, as rule, important for Android developers, but they can be useful for PhoneGap.

Google Web Toolkit

Google Project Hosting: Project hosting for the cloud. Supposrts SVN and Mercurial. Go to

Code Google Com

Figure 1: The project hosting site on Google Code. Click to see larger version.

Looking at the picture above, click first on the GWT link for the Google Web Toolkit.


You can install the Google Plugin for Eclipse by selecting Help | Install New Softwarefrom the Eclipse menu, pressing the Add button, and entering the following URL:

From there on out the wizard will walk you through the install process.


You want to use Subclipse to get subversion support in Eclipse. Choose Help | Install New Software. In the “Work with” text control, enter this url:

SubClipse -

Install Subclipse, you be prompted to restart the IDE when you are done:

Subclipse Available Software

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