Very nice. The one thing that would have been nice would have been to set up bower.json in your Cordova folder so that it:

A) Existed B) Put the components in the right place.

I should have talked about this during class, but did not quite see

A) How simple it would be B) How useful it would be.

Still, it would have been nice had you thought of it.

Your .bowerrc ought to look like this:

  "directory": "www/bower_components"

Clean and Setup

One thing I have noticed that has become a real problem: Cordova applications, and particularly their plugins, have to be set up correctly. If there are plugins listed in plugins/android.json and they are not available, and not installed into platforms, then your application will not work correctly.

This issue has become so troublesome to me that I believe all Cordova applications have to come with three files, or one file that does three things at the right time:

  • Clean: A script to delete the contents of plugins and platforms
  • Setup: A script to add and run bower, and to add platforms and install plugins
  • install: A script to install on the phone.

The details of how to implement these scripts could be varied or improved. The most important point is that you should be able to run Clean, Setup, and install and and have your app work. Nothing should be turned in until this done.

NOTE: *The quarter is about over, and so this may not seem like a pressing issue. But you will care later. You will want to write mobile applications in the future, and take it from me: you need these scripts. I have now installed dozens, probably many more, cordova applications. I’m learning the hard way what needs to be done.

Though it could no doubt be improved, here is a sample Clean script:

#! /bin/bash


if [ -d "$PLATFORMS" ] ; then
    rm -r $PLATFORMS

if [ -d "$PLUGINS" ] ; then
    rm -r plugins
    mkdir plugins

if [ -d "$BOWER" ] ; then
    rm -r $BOWER

Fuss with the Clean script until the plugins directory is empty after you run it. Cancel that. I’ve decided we should just delete the plugins directory altogether and recreate it…

Sample Setup:

#! /bin/bash

cordova platform add android
cordova plugin add
bower install

Be careful. Don’t copy the Setup script verbatim. Decide what plugins your app needs and install only those.

Sample install:

#! /bin/bash

cordova build android
adb uninstall com.pennockprojects.week08cordova
adb install platforms/android/ant-build/CordovaApp-debug.apk