Welcome to Isit320-Week01

Isit320 Week01 2018

There is no main text for this course. There are, however many resources. Some of these resources I created, but most are available on the web:

Learning to Search

Perhaps the single best resource is Google search. The best way to learn to search is simply to practice. Nevertheless, it helps to understand a few basic rules about how Google search works:

Also worthy of study are Stack Overflow and Super User:

Install Pristine Lubuntu into VirtualBox

In this class we use a copy of Lubuntu running in Virtual Box.


We have two sets of goals:

Non-technical and end-user goals:

Technical goals:




We should take a look at a few of the programs found here:



Everyone should have an account on:

Links and Videos:

###Code Academy

For the second part of the assignment, I want you to complete some simple exercises in Code Academy. This should help you recall a few basic facts about HTML and JavaScript, in case you need to brush up on your skills.


Finally, I suggest that we watch some Google IO.